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To get there. Together

Energy transition is a huge challenge, yet it also brings countless opportunities. Our ambition is to continue to deliver energy to society, with lower emissions and net zero by 2050. But we can’t get the job done alone.

The energy transition and our net zero ambition by 2050 is a job that is greater than any single company, any one industry, or any nation on its own.

We all have to contribute, and now, more than ever, we must work together – because the only way to achieve our goal is, in fact, to walk down that road together.

Together, we will develop new energy, and we will develop new industry. This is important, and it is necessary.

To get there. Together is a mindset, a way to work and to communicate. Ultimately, it’s about who we are as a company.

We’ve made it this far together – now let’s make sure that we get there together.

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