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Equinor is developing as a broad energy company, leveraging strong synergies between oil, gas, renewables, carbon capture and hydrogen.

USD 0.30

Q1 ordinary cash dividend

USD 0.60

Q1 extraordinary dividend

14 August

Ex. dividend (OSE and NYSE)

25 August

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Financial calendar

Equinor Q2 2023 results

To be announced

Equinor Q3 2023 results

To be announced

Equinor Q4 2023 results

To be announced

Information for analysts

Every quarter ahead of the earnings announcement, we collect earnings and production estimates from the equity analysts covering the company. These numbers become a proxy for the market’s expectations of our results.

Closed Period
We voluntarily apply a ‘closed period’ before the results of a reporting period are announced. During the two-week period preceding the announcement, we limit our communications with the capital market and will not meet with capital market representatives.

Downloads and information for analysts

Our debt and credit ratings

Our debt strategy is to support the overall financial flexibility of the group and ensure competitive terms and conditions on long term debt.

For a complete background on our debt and credit ratings, please follow the link below. The page contains full information on our debt strategy, debt programmes, bond issues, maturity profile, financial ratios, credit facilities, credit ratings and contact persons.

Our debt and credit ratings

How to contact us, and our registrar

The registrar manages Equinor’s share register on our behalf, and is responsible for ensuring dividend payments, providing information about shareholding in Equinor and assisting with practical information about the shareholder’s account manager. DNB Bank ASA is appointed as registrar.

Contact us | Our registrar | ADR info

Annual reports

Capital markets updates

Glossary of terms

Our glossary explains many of the terms and concepts commonly used in the oil, gas & energy business, as well as financial abbreviations.

Our glossary