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10 Irish-Inspired Recipes To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate with a feast of Irish foods and a tall glass of stout. Sláinte!
10 Irish-Inspired Recipes To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

(Photo: Sian Richards)

Bring a little taste of the Emerald Isle to your dinner table on March 17th with these Irish-inspired recipes. From brown bread to Irish stew, Guinness chocolate cake and more, it will be hard to decide what to try first! (An evening filled with shepherd's pie and stout cake sounds perfect to us.). Get inspired with the St. Patrick's Day recipes below:

Stout-Braised Beef Stew, Oat Risotto And Emerald Isle Greens

Guinness or Murphy’s adds depth and a subtle, delicious bitterness to this stout-braised beef stew recipe. In the spirit of innovation, we turned classic Irish oats into steel-cut oat risotto that’s the perfect partner for this stew’s gravy. And for crunch and colour, we’ve added some stunning winter greens. Get this Emerald Island greens recipe.

Irish Brown Bread And Cultured Butter

Ireland is already famous for its soda bread, but this Irish brown bread recipe makes us swoon. Dense and nutty, it’s sliced thinly and served with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On a traditional dairy farm, cream is collected daily and kept until there is enough to churn butter. The natural ripening of the cream over several days produces butter with a rich tang. It’s easy to replicate at home, and nothing goes better with homemade brown bread. Get this cultured butter recipe.

A loaf of Irish brown bread sliced sitting on a wood cutting board on a white table next to butter and a half-drunk pint of stout (Photo: Sian Richards)


Guinness Cocktail And Mini Gourmet Potato Skins

Serve mini gourmet potato skins with a warm cheese and prosciutto filling, topped with sour cream and chives get paired with a tall glass of stout with a slight twist (just add ribena).

Mini gourmet potato skins on a plate beside a Guinness cocktail (Photo: John Cullen)

Herbed Cheddar Soda Bread Recipe

Ward off the chill with a steaming bowl of soup and fresh-from-the-oven bread. This tempting, hearty Irish-inspired loaf is surprisingly easy to make—and totally satisfying. Get this herbed cheddar soda bread recipe.

Herbed cheddar soda bread on a bread board with butter (Photo: John Cullen)

Saucy Shepherd’s Pie

This hearty comfort food classic gets a plant-based boost from a cauliflower mash topping—it’s equal parts crispy and fluffy. Get this saucy shiraz shepherd’s pie recipe.

Saucy Shiraz SShepherds pie in a white mug with spoon (Photo: Roberto Caruso)


Guinness Chocolate Layer Cake

Believe it or not, beer does amazing things for cake. Our St. Patrick's Day special is dense and rich, with the slightest undertone of stout. Get our Guinness Chocolate Layer Cake recipe.

A chocolate Guinness layer cake with chocolate icing on a white cake stand next to a slice of the cake on a Delft plate on a white table

Guinness Fudge Cake With Cloud Icing

Looking for another perfect St. Patrick's Day cake? Get this Guinness fudge cake with cloud icing recipe.

Frosting tip: Use a stand mixer to get the fluffiest icing. Clean mixer bowl and whisk thoroughly before using—any trace of grease will prevent meringue from whipping properly.

Guinness Cake With Cloud Icing on a blue stand.

Ballymaloe Almond Tarts

From Ballymaloe Cookery School (a short drive from Cork, Ireland) comes this signature sweet: a flaky, buttery tartlet dotted with cream and berries foraged from the local hedges. Heaven. Get this Ballymaloe almond tart recipe.

Ballymaloe almond tarts on a white plate (Photo: Sian Richards)

Bacon Colcannon With Apple Salad

This Irish dish is traditionally made with mashed potatoes and cabbage, but we’ve changed it up a bit, substituting celery root and crispy bacon into our mashed potatoes, and adding a side salad to finish this cozy plate. Get this bacon colcannon with apple salad recipe.

A white plate with bacon colcannon and apple salad with a fork on it (Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Homemade Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur

After-dinner coffees are always better with a little splash of Irish cream. Get this homemade whisky cream liqueur recipe.

Three glasses of homemade Bailey's Irish cream liqueur on a wood table, each with a large ice cube and paired with a gold star ornament, best homemade baileys Irish cream recipe (Photo: iStock)


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