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About us

We are Equinor

Welcome to Equinor, an international energy company headquartered in Norway with 22,000 employees in 30 countries. Our ambition is to be a leading company in the energy transition, and we aim to create value through the opportunities the energy transition brings, breaking new industrial ground by building on our 50 years of experience.

Our purpose

Equinor is an international energy company committed to long-term value creation in a low-carbon future. Our purpose is to turn natural resources into energy for people and progress for society.

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Building on our past — investing in our future

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Our strategy

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. The world’s energy systems are in rapid transition to meet the challenge. The journey towards net zero creates new industry opportunities, and Equinor is ready to seize these opportunities.

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Shaping the future of energy

Our vision sets a clear direction and highlights what we are aiming to achieve. It brings us together and inspires us.

Our aspiration is to be a leading company in the energy transition committed to long-term value creation in a net zero future. We are transforming our company to be a broad energy provider by optimising oil and gas, accelerating our high value growth in renewables and positioning for new market opportunities in low carbon solutions. We are reducing the carbon footprint of our energy production and aim to be a net zero company in 2050.

To achieve our vision and play a leading role for decades ahead, we must be competitive and profitable at all times.

Our vision rests on three pillars:

A leading company in the energy transition

We will create lasting change in terms of how our industry works. We will innovate to simplify and standardise our activities through a mindset of radical change and collaboration. Through developing technology for lasting value creation, we will break new ground to work in a smarter, better and more simplified way.

Providing energy for a low-carbon future

The future of energy will be net zero. That is why our ambition is to be a leader in the energy transition. Demand for renewable energy and low carbon solutions will grow and offer new business opportunities, while oil and gas will remain part of the energy mix to provide affordable and available energy to cover global demand. Building a new energy business will support our long-term future as a leading global energy provider.

Competitive at all times

Our company must be profitable and competitive at all times. This is fundamental for our future value creation. Safe and lean operations will help us to tackle the challenges facing our industry and prepare us to seize opportunities. We will continuously improve our business to be fit for profitable growth.

Together we are creating our future Equinor.

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Our values embody the spirit and energy of Equinor at its best. They help us set direction and they guide our decisions, actions and the way we interact with others. Our values express the ideals we strive to live up to every day.


  • We promote transparency
  • We embrace diversity and new perspectives
  • We raise ethical dilemmas and act with integrity


  • We work together as one team
  • We share knowledge and help each other succeed
  • We engage with, respect and earn the trust of our business partners and society


  • We are curious, innovative and commercial
  • We continuously improve
  • We use foresight, identify opportunities and manage risk


  • We seek zero harm to people
  • We respect each other and contribute to a positive working environment
  • We act in a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible manner

Implementing what we stand for as a company

Our ability to create value depends on applying high ethical, safety and security standards to create a trust-based relationship with our people, our owners, our business partners, authorities and the societies where we do business.

In all our business activities we comply with applicable laws, act in an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible manner, practise good corporate governance and respect internationally recognised human rights. We maintain an open dialogue on ethical issues – both internally and externally. Open, honest and accurate communication is essential to our integrity and business success.

Our approach is integrated in our management system, and we have developed guidance and tools for everyone who works for us. Our Code of Conduct sets out our expectations, commitments and requirements for ethical conduct. We do not tolerate any breaches of the Code of Conduct or laws.

Respecting people

We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for everyone working at our facilities and job sites. Equinor's safety and security vision is zero harm. We are committed to treat everyone with fairness, respect and dignity. We do not tolerate any discrimination or harassment of colleagues or others affected by our business.

Conducting our business

We have zero tolerance for corruption in any form and take active steps to ensure that corruption does not occur in relation to Equinor's business activities. We are committed to conducting our business activities in an open manner, promoting transparency in our industry. We protect information created by us, or given to us, to ensure appropriate confidentiality and integrity.

Relating to business partners

We expect our suppliers and business partners to adhere to ethical standards which are consistent with our ethical requirements when working for or together with us. We seek to work with others who share our commitment to ethics and compliance. We believe in the benefits of competition, and Equinor always competes in a fair and ethically justifiable manner.

Working with communities and environment

We aim to create lasting value for society through our business activities. Our contribution may include direct and indirect local employment, procurement of goods and services, infrastructure development and capacity-building.

Recognising that our activities have an impact on the environment, we aim to mitigate negative impact. In support of, and to align with, relevant international conventions and agreements, we contribute to concerted actions to protect nature. We actively work to limit greenhouse gas emissions from our activities.

Preventing major accidents

We are committed to have a proactive safety culture to prevent major accidents. Prevention of major accidents is about protecting people and the environment, as well as avoiding serious economic and reputational damage to Equinor. It starts at top-level leadership and requires commitment and capabilities throughout the organisation.

We are Equinor

Our success depends on thousands of individuals working together. Each and every one of us makes a difference as we shape the future of energy.

The people in Equinor enable us to meet challenges and deliver on our promises. Your skills and personal commitment, as well as effective leadership, are needed to reach our goals. The unique relationship between Equinor and the individual is based on clear expectations, mutual respect and trust.

Our values-based performance culture empowers all of us to apply our skills, our commercial instinct and our personal commitment to achieve Equinor's ambitions. That starts with safety. Each of us is personally accountable for safety and security, and it is up to us to demonstrate this commitment every day through our actions. Safety is integrated in everything we do and these expectations are applicable to us all:

I am Safety

  • I understand and manage risks
  • I look after my colleagues
  • I am visible and engaged in my team's safety and security
  • I stop unsafe behaviour and activities
  • I openly report and learn from all incidents
  • I systematically use Compliance and Leadership
  • I continuously improve safety and security
  • I actively search for weak signals and act

Innovation, both in technology and the way we work, is key to future success. The best ideas come from dedicated and inspired individuals, and ideas are turned into reality through people working together. Through our engagement, creativity and collaboration, we aim to build a better Equinor for tomorrow.

Equinor attracts and develops people who share our values, are committed to our success and are able to change and learn. Equinor is responsible for providing a good framework for learning and development, but we are each individually responsible for developing our own skills and building competence. We do this mainly in our daily work and through learning activities. Jobs are openly advertised internally to ensure we can all explore new opportunities, whether we aim to specialise further in an area of professional expertise or to develop as a leader by broadening knowledge across functions and disciplines.

Equinor recognises and rewards performance based equally on what we deliver and how we deliver.

Diversity and inclusion are strategic priorities, and we are committed to providing equal opportunities. We aim for an inclusive work environment where everyone feels they belong and feels safe to share their ideas and raise concerns.

We believe in involving our people and their appropriate representatives in the development of the company.

Our leadership makes a difference

Leaders in Equinor are role models for our values. This means always putting the safety and security of our people first, managing risks and acting with integrity and high ethical standards in everything they do.

As a leader in Equinor, you are a role model for our values. That means always putting safety and security of our people first. Understanding risk and acting with integrity and high ethical standards in all we do.

As leaders we act as one Equinor to achieve our shared purpose.

Shape our future

Set clear direction, look beyond the known, eagerly drive change.

Empower people

Trust and support, develop and learn together, energise through inclusion.

Deliver results

Role model safety and compliance, drive commercial outcomes, achieve sustainable impact.